Jonas Brothers at Capital One Arena

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Capital One Arena | Washington, District Of Columbia

As the crowd chants "I'm a sucker for you!", we're definitely all 'suckers for the Jonas Brothers. Taking the world by surprise with a massive comeback last 2019, the boys are finally dropping an anticipated new album, "The Album". Described as "the quintessential Jonas Brothers album", the new record is set to be an album that fans keep coming back to. Coming fresh from a Broadway residency, the boys are officially launching their "Five Albums. One Night." summer tour, performing hits and fan favorites across the band's five iconic eras. The pop-rock trio will be stopping by Capital One Arena for a special show on Saturday, 23rd of September 2023. Giving fans a taste of "The Album" with "Waffle House" and "Wings", the record is set to serve huge doses of the band's growth and the boys' life journeys. Set to play tracks that date back to the boys' late 2000s domination way up to the band's massive comeback, make sure to save your spots for "Five Albums. One Night." by booking your tickets now!

Jonas Brothers at Capital One Arena

With a new era up and about as "The Album" makes its grand release, the Jonas Brothers just announced an extensive tour trek covering the band's five iconic eras – Five Albums. One Night. Set to perform tracks across five albums in every night at their new summer bash, the Jonas Brothers are stoked to party with their very own fans. Coming fresh from a Broadway residency and sold-out nights at Yankee Stadium in New York, the band is bringing its new tour format of running through the brothers' five albums in one night. Just imagine the setlist!

The Jonas Brothers gave fans a taste of "The Album" with its new singles "Wings" and "Waffle House". The latter single takes them back to memories of late-night meals at a famous joint, full of fond memories and late-night banters.

"You don’t go to your favorite burger place to order, like, a taco. You go there to order the best burger, right? So you gotta go and order a waffle," Joe shared in an interview with Vanity Fair. "My joke back in the day was always, ‘Do you have any waffles here?’ Which never got laughs. I always thought it was funny,"

Previously known as Disney stars for their appearances in various productions including "Camp Rock", the band decided to split in 2013, and looking back, Kevin tells Billboard, "We all really needed that time". With six years of growth, patching up, and re-energizing creative juices, the Jonas Brothers took the world by surprise in 2019 with their first #1 Hot 100 hit, "Sucker". Its comeback album "Happiness Begins" was raved over by fans, old and new, serving the pop-rock trio's new bangers "Cool" and "Only Human".

In an interview with Vanity Fair, the band shared that "The Album" is dedicated to its "incredibly uplifting" fans. "Such a unique thing about Jonas fans, in particular, is that it’s really its own subculture," Nick shared. "…and it’s incredibly uplifting."

The new record is described as "the quintessential Jonas Brothers album", hoping that the album is something that fans will keep coming back for. If they were to pick an album to listen to out of the blue, it would be this one. "I think our goal is always to play big, exciting shows, but also to push ourselves creatively, and do something that we’re really proud of," Nick shared.

Back at the top of their game, the Jonas Brothers are unstoppable. With new lives, newfound growth, and never-ending inspirations behind their craft, an exciting new era awaits fans as The Album comes out in full swing. Celebrating five eras at their newest summer trek, make sure to save your spots at "Five Albums. One Night." live on stage by booking your tickets now!

Jonas Brothers at Capital One Arena

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