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Blink 182 & Pierce The Veil at



Blink 182 & Pierce The Veil

Capital One Arena

Blink 182 is making their road comeback as the hit rock band, together with Pierce The Veil, puts the punk-pop masterclass to the capital city for their One More Time Tour on Saturday, July 27, 2024, at Capital One Arena, Washington, D.C. Tom Delonge will be reunited with fellow members Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker as they hit the road once again featuring their most recent album One More Time that includes the chart-topping hit songs One More Time and Edging. Performing alongside hit band Pierce The Veil, the post-hardcore anthems will be present all over the stage. Bagging several recognitions on the biggest music bodies worldwide, including Grammys and Billboard Music, Blink 182 will now be taking center stage as they bring their iconic hits on repeat, including All The Small Things, I Miss You, and What's My Age Again. Now, Blink 182 is putting on a punk-rock performance as they fill the venue’s atmosphere with their godly music. Don't blink and grab your tickets now!

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The punk-rock spree are on the way to the capital city as the hit band Blink 182 brings back the 2000s-type rock music together with Pierce the Veil for their upcoming One More Time Tour on Saturday, July 27, 2024, at Capital One Arena, Washington, D.C. The band composed of Mark Hoppus (bass, vocals), Travis Barker (drums)and Tom DeLonge (guitar, vocals) will be reunited once again since their breakup in 2015 to relive the Blink 182 classics the fans love to hear.

The tour will offer a bunch of packages that will give the fans a chance to meet the band and get Blink 182 merchandise exclusive for the availing fans. These include the Ultimate Blink 182 VIP lounge package, VIP lounge package, General admission early entry packages, and Premium ticket packages that offer exclusive activities and freebies like pre-show, autographed items, and Blink 182 customized items that will spiced up your watching experience as Blink 182 put on a show all night.

The band started in 1992 but broke in the mainstream media in 1999 when they released their album Enema Of The State that bagged their first Billboard 200 Top 10 album. From that breakout, Blink 182 had another banger with the release of the hit songs Take Off Your Pants and Jacket that debuted at No. 1 on Billboard 200. As the band had its ups and downs, the return of Tom DeLonge marks the start of another Blink 182 punk wave as they released their most recent album One More Time that will headline their upcoming tour. The album features the songs Edging and One More Time that topped the charts for several days.

“Emotions between the three of us in Blink have always been complicated, but Mark’s cancer really put things in perspective”, Blink 182 drummer Tom DeLonge said on the band’s reunion.

Performing with Blink 182 are the renowned band Pierce The Veil. The post-hardcore and pop-punk band will put the fans on emo as they fill the venue with their backlashing screamo you don't want to miss out on. Known for their hit songs King For A Day, Bulls In The Bronx, Circles, and Hell Above, Pierce The Veil will tune up the stage as they share the stage with Blink 182.

Capital One Arena will host the One More Time Tour featuring Blink 182 with Pierce The Veil. With its upgraded facilities, top of the market lighting and sounds, and a world-class venue, 20,000 rock fans are on the edge to shout and press as Blink 182 brings the punk-pop madness for everyone to witness. Grab your tickets now!

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